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HPV and warts


Let me just preface this entry by saying I created this LJ specifically to discuss this issue, so please don't be alarmed by my lack of entries and friends, etc. I am honestly just trying to maintain my privacy.
My questions are about HPV and genital warts, causes, treatments, coming to terms, etc. I'll put the rest behind a cut.

Not quite a week ago, I noticed some bumps near my vaginal opening that were definitely not there before. Having heard a little about what genital warts look like before, I immediately suspected what they were and panicked. The next day I went to the walk-in clinic at my University and a doctor confirmed my fears. I am currently waiting to hear from a gynecologist - a referral can take 3-4 wks I was told.
The Doctor told me he would ask them to please hurry because the warts were likely to spread/get worse in the meantime.

He also basically told me it was likely my recent partner gave me HPV - we started sleeping together 6 months ago. Before that, I was with the same woman for 2 years. I'm not stuck on blaming anyone, but felt it merited some thought since whoever gave it to me might also need to be tested, etc, for their own health.
I'm not mad at my girlfriend: It's my responsibility to say "Let's both get tested before we have sex" (or, use protection) and so I figure, failing to do that, I brought this on myself. Also, I know she had no reason to believe she'd have anything. (One previous partner, who was tested right before they broke up). She feels guilty about it, as it is.We both could have done things differently, but here we are, and we need to deal with it.

1. My girlfriend does not have (visible/external) genital warts. She's going to the doctor herself this week, to get tested and checked out. I have read that it's possible to have the HPV that causes warts without getting them.
However, my girlfriend does have a wart on her thumb that she said has been there since she was a kid. Apparantly she was treated for them in the past, but this one just refused to go. Can a wart on a thumb cause HPV/Genital warts?

2.We have not had sex since before the night I discovered the warts. Frankly, I don't want her to see them. Also, I am concerned that touching the area will make them worse. I know how to be safe, if we were to have sex. Is sex likely to cause them to spread more? 

3.Has anyone used any topical treatments? I know that there are some warts I can't see, inside me. The doctor I saw said the gyno would need to freeze them. I just hate waiting...I wish I could do something in the meantime. I have an actual appointment with a different doctor on wednesday, where I had planned to ask about treatments, but I thought hearing from people with experience would help.
Also I read about a home treatment using apple cider vinegar. My first reaction was "Yeast infection, ahoy" but I might as well ask if anyone has an opinion on that? (vinegar + cotton ball + bandaid it over a wart, leave overnight multiple times is the gist).

4. This may sound ridiculous, but assuming my g/f has HPV (she must, even if from me), is it possible that I could give HER warts? Is she likely to never get them, since she hasn't? Or can the fact that I do change things? Is HPV MORE contagious because of the warts?
Also, when it comes to using our hands during sex - I have no warts on my hands. Is it safe to touch her, and then wash them carefull afterward? Or is it necessary to wear gloves?

5. If anyone has had their warts frozen by a Gyno, how long did it take before you were healed? (From the procedure, I realize HPV has no cure and warts can reoccur)

    any advice or helpful information is appreciated... thank you.
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