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Random questions I've been meaning to ask

Got a few questions I've been meaning to ask or have just been curious about. I wish I'd think to write them down as I think of them, because I know there were other things besides these that I'm forgetting, but oh well. Just a few quick questions:

1. Does taking birth control with alcohol/while drinking have a negative impact on the pill's effectiveness? A friend and I are conflicting on this.

2. How soon after exposure would something like chlamydia or gonnorhea show up on a test? I recently had sex that potentially (not likely, but potentially) puts me at risk for STD's. Sex in question was about 5-6 hours before my annual <s>violation</s> check-up, and I decided to have the chlamydia/gonnorhea test done while I was there (HIV test is scheduled for a week from today). Just wondering,on the off chance I was exposed to either one, if they'd show up on the test.

3. I usually start my birth control on Sunday evening. I take my pill around midnight every night, but occassionally I'll forget to get my new pack until Monday morning. I always take a pill immediately, then another at my normal time (midnight Monday night). I'm wondering if I'm compromising my protection by actually going slighly over the 7-days-off mark.

4. I have a male friend who is rather well endowed. He's longer than average, and rather girthy. He's looking for condoms that fit him comfortably. He's tried the Magnums, which are ok, but he says they're a bit too long and not quite right girthwise. I was wondering if there are any brands out there that are a better fit for guys like him. Regular condoms fit him lengthwise but tend to be uncomfortably snug. Suggestions would be very welcomed by him!

Wish I could remember the other curiosities I've had. Gonna start writing them down from now on so I can actually ask! Thanks a bunch for your responses.
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