sclmoose (sclmoose) wrote in vaginapagina,

cuts/tears on labia

Hi VPers!

I currently have a few tears and cuts on my perineum and inner labia.  I had sex last night after none for 2 weeks because of an external yeast infection (only my second YI, both external) and then my period. I self treated the yeast with yogurt, and it seemed to clear up.  But last night after having sex I went to pee and cried and soon as the first drop of urine came out. My inner labia on the right side is torn and I have multiple tears at the beginning of my perineum and then closer to my anus.  I was adequately lubricated,but I can see how my perineum had the potential to get torn, but how did my inner labia get torn? I haven't been able to pee last night because of the pain...I can have sex fine though.  I tried peeing with a wet washcloth covering myself, and even tried peeing in the shower, but it hurts so much. I know that it's necessary for me to pee so I don't get a UTI, but I'm not so worried about that right now, I regularly go longer without urinating. I guess what I'm wondering is if this could be from the yeast infection or something else? In the past I've had to be really careful wiping after peeing because I have torn my perineum before with toilet paper. Any ideas for a way to pee without screaming in pain? Thanks everyone.
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