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freaking out...aaahhh!

hey guys. i looked through the memories but my situation is kind of unique.


i started birth control (ortho tri-cyclen lo) the second week of february. didn't miss any pills, had no problems. when it was time to switch to a new pill pack, i began taking a higher dose (ortho tri-cyclen) due to having to switch pharmacies and they don't make generics for the low dose anymore and so on and so forth. so this new dosage, i started on sunday march 7th.

this is where my situation gets really crappy for me.

on friday and saturday i got to spend time with my boyfriend, who is long distance (to some extent)--i see him once a month, typically. so, things got physical, as they often do, but he informed me that he hadn't brought any condoms with him. i was a little frustrated, but in the heat of the moment i told him it wasn't a big deal because, hey, i'm on birth control, no biggie! so we had sex without a condom...once friday night, and once saturday afternoon.

fast forward to saturday night, where i started freaking out. i figured out my ovulation schedule, and what do you know, these last few days are my peak ovulation time.

so i guess my questions are:

1) if i have never missed a pill on either dosage (and i haven't missed any) what are the chances of pregnancy? high? low?
2) i take my pills at night, before i go to sleep...but the time varies because sometimes i...forget. but it's never been more than a half hour of variance (ie one night i'll take it at 11:30, the next night 11:10, the next night 11:15, etc). if i don't take the pills at exactly the same time every night, is this going to drastically increase the chances of me getting pregnant?

please don't give me a lecture on backup birth control methods...i know, and i feel really stupid for letting it happen the way it did, and it will never happen again because this stress is NOT WORTH IT.

hahaha...in my massive panic i completely missed the whole "not ovulating" thing...thank you guys for calming me down. :) no babies! as much as i love them, i do not want one! noooo thank you!
you guys are awesome!
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