Sara Lynn (saralynn) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sara Lynn

Ugh, what is wrong with me?

Here is the break down of what my period has been like this month.

I started on the 11th of February, right on time, day 29 like always. It lasted the normal amount of time, about 5 days, but I had brown old blood discharge for almost a week after. This is unusual for me.

A week before my period was due, I get light cramping. I notice the TINIEST faint of pink for maybe a day or two, the cramping lasting 4 or so days.

Day 29 hits, March 11th, no period. I take a pregnancy test last night and this morning, both negative. I don't have penetrative sex, just outercourse with my underwear on when there's any semen. There numbers are against me being pregnant, but I suppose freak accidents occur.

I've been under a lot of stress at work lately, but I'm always fairly stressed and it's never affected my period before. Do you think it's stress, or maybe the long "period" I had last month messed up my cycle? I'm not sure what the cramping was prior to my period, I've experienced ovarion cysts as a younger teenager but haven't had the issue that I know of since then (I'm 24).

If I don't get my period in a week I'll go to the gyno, but for now I just feel at a loss. I've always been regular, I feel thrown for a loop.
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