Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

5 Is Now 3: Changes to Our FAQ

Hi, superstars! If you've taken a look at our side bar lately, you might have noticed that what used to be our "Top 5 FAQs" now reads "Top 3 FAQs."

We've done some reassessing recently, and we've noticed that the number of pubic hair care and urinary tract infection questions are not so many or so frequent. (Or, as in the case of some UTI concerns, they are urgent questions we're not so comfortable deleting.) Because of that, we're removing them from our list of deletable frequent topics.

As it stands, we now have 3 categories of deletable frequent topics:
-- Emergency Contraception (EC)
-- Hormonal Birth Control (HBC)
-- Yeast Infections (YIs)
Questions answered by these Vulvapedia entries, including requests for personal experiences about side effects with particular brands of HBC, are still subject to deletion.

For the VP Team

PS -- If you see anyplace on VP on LJ or VaginaPagina.com that now incorrectly refers to our "Top 5" FAQs or that lists pubic hair/UTI questions as FAQ, please alert me to the edit that needs to be made!
Tags: mod-posts, top-20-questions
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