Chass (sapphires13) wrote in vaginapagina,

On the quest for the big g-spot orgasm/female ejaculation (plus a toy cleaning question)

I've gone through the tagged entries on the related subjects, but would like to gather my specific questions here.

I'm sure I have some sort of g-spot stimulation happening, and may even be having (partial?) g-spot orgasms. I definitely feel much more pleasure and have stronger orgasms with vaginal penetration. I've found now that I can hardly orgasm at all from masturbation without having internal stimulation, and that during PIV sex, I can have a great time without direct clitoral stimulation, though orgasms this way aren't very strong, and many times I don't quite get there at all.

Now, I've gone on a g-spot fishing quest a few times, with limited success. In the right position I can feel all the way up to my cervix along the front wall and not really feel any spot of tissue that feels particularly more spongey or textured than the rest. Most guides to finding it say it's about two inches in, though I've found I do get more pleasure stimulating the front wall just inside my vaginal opening. Moving further up, two inches or so, just atop the ridge of the pubic bone, I feel only a tiny bit of pleasure (even when already aroused), more than other random spots inside the vagina, but not as much as right inside the opening. Some extended stimulation of this area with my fingers has caused a brief need-to-pee feeling. I know every woman's anatomy is different, but I'd hoped to get some thoughts based on other people's personal experience with their g-spots. Should I be focusing on the lower spot, or the higher spot? The higher spot seems to be more where the g-spot is supposed to be... but does anyone else think theirs is much closer to the opening?

Most of the stimulation I have seemed to have inside the vagina has not come from my fingers fishing around in there, but from having something else (my partner's penis, or a dildo) inside, putting pressure on the general area. Interestingly, I bought a cheap g-spot vibe once, that never did much to me. The vibrating mechanism seemed to be too low down, below the bend in the shaft, and the end was too hard and pointy. Plus vibration inside just doesn't seem to do anything for me. However, tonight I was using this toy without batteries (since I rarely used that vibe, I didn't have any handy), and found it felt way better if I turned it around so the curve was pointing toward my tailbone, and the back of the toy was rubbing where my g-spot would be. Anyone else ever experienced that phenomenon?

Now as for ejaculation, I really want to achieve it, for several reasons. One, I think it's really hot. Two, so does my boyfriend. Three, my annoyingly analytical mind would see it as proof. I've at times got super wet, but you always hear about girls gushing, or expelling a lot of fluid. Are smaller amounts common, just not discussed as much? Or am I more likely just wet from arousal? Also, any tips for making it more likely to happen? I heard once that you should make sure you're hydrated... but if you empty your bladder before you start, wouldn't that not matter anyway?

Lastly, an unrelated quick question. My main toy for clitoral stimulation is this Silk Touch Egg Vibe, which is a sort of velvety textured plastic. Well, the site says it's plastic, though a couple of reviewers have said it may be silicone-coated. A few times now, after using it, I've used (alcohol based) hand sanitizer to clean it, since I had some conveniently at the beside. Other times I had hauled it to the sink and used a little soap and water. With the hand sanitizer, I just put a drop on with my fingertip, rubbed it all over, then wiped it off with a cloth. This is done after use, then the toy is put cleanly in it's home at the bottom of the bedside table, until the next use. Question is, is this bad for the toy? I really love it and would hate to see it start disintegrating or something. I don't think the sanitizer would be bad for me, since I don't put the stuff on it right before use, and it couldn't be any worse than using it on my hands, then touching myself some hours later. Thoughts?

Thanks so much.
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