Bailey (aileybay) wrote in vaginapagina,

Loestrin opinions?

Hey all!

I am a 20 yr old who is starting hormonal birth control for the first time. I just had my first lady doctor appointment (which went incredibly pain or discomfort, thank goodness), and the PA prescribed me Loestrin. I want something with as few hormones as possible, so she thought that I should start out with this and see how it works. I know that I also have the options of Nuvaring and the Depo-shot if I don't like taking a pill every day.

Anyway, I kind of looked through the site and didn't find exactly what I wanted. I was wondering if anyone had reviews/opinions of their experience with Loestrin. I would really appreciate it.

Also, as a side note, has anyone ever used the sponge as a form of birth control during sex? My mom has really been urging me to use it, and I'm not so sure. Opinions?

Thanks, guys :]
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