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Seeking Contraceptives in the UK: With whom do I make an appointment?

Hello lovely people : )

I don't often see UK-centric advice kicking around these parts, but it seemed the best place to ask. I'm considering going on some form of long-term contraception, more specifically I'd like an IUD. I know I can make an appointment with my GP to do this, but would the practice nurses be better to talk to?

I know that not all GPs are trained to insert IUDs but I think it seems more likely that the nurses run the family planning clinics and drop ins. Are all practice nurses trained to insert IUDs? I'm a little confused as to who can best help me. I suppose I could go and discuss it with my GP and then get an appointment with the appropriate nurse if necessary, but it seems like a waste of time if I could go direct to the source.

Basically, who can best help me? A doctor at my GP Practice or one of the Practice Nurses?

Also, an extra question: Any UK ladies gotten an IUD before having had children? I was wondering what the protocol is for that and any experiences would be welcome to my eyes.

Thanks, I'm so glad this place is here.
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