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Uterus, uterus go away....

So basically I've been spotting for about a month now. Last Tuesday, 3/2, at my 15 minute break around noon, I was not spotting, then not even two hours later, there was apparently Armageddon in my uterine Netherworld. I'm standing at my register, the express lane, ready for someone to come relieve me, when I feel that tell tale sign of something of the not-quite-right persuasion. At first, I thought it was bladder leakage honestly, but as I stood there, my desperation increased as I realized I was having a serious problem. Usually by 10 til when I am supposed to leave, my relief has already come, but today it hadn't, which meant my CSM's weren't paying all. I typed in the code on my register for a bathroom break just to get someone's attention. My relief came for my bathroom break and when I passed the CSM, I told her I was off. I guess the ashen look on my face sparked something in her because she immediately had her worried mother hen look in her eyes. I run to the bathroom and that's when it happened....I felt the sensation of diarrhea out of my vagina. Luckily I was sitting on the toilet by this point so I didn't completely ruin what I was wearing at that point. My mom was going to pick me up and she pretty much freaked out like a worried mom does. She wanted me to go get checked out, especially since I hadn't had a period since July of last year when this same thing happened after PP put me on birth control. While I was checking in with the doctor, I managed to ruin my jeans & underwear (JOY!) They checked my blood and did a pelvic but didn't see anything seriously wrong. They put on Provera for 10 days (AGAIN like I was in July) and it worked at first. I'm in NYC right now so I was hoping to get it all settled before I left home, but now the spotting/light period has come back AGAIN. I'm in a place where I hardly know anyone so what in the hell do I do? Do I just let it see if it's going to run it's course and deal with it until I get home? Do I find a doctor here, despite not having insurance? Do I wait and see if that awful clotting returns? I just seriously need any advice I can get here. Thank you!
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