flutterbye29 (flutterbye29) wrote in vaginapagina,


i need some advice in regard to my vaggie. not everytime but most times i have sex, i get sore pretty quickly around the opening of my vagina, every time he thrusts and makes contact with the skin at the opening it's sore and i have to stop. i'm going to highlight the fact that this doesn't always happen.
i did some research but all i came across were medical conditions, and to be honest it makes sad to accept the fact that i have a medical condition. i don't want to have one. sex has been a bit of an issue from the beginning from me, if we use a condom i get thrush, it took a while to figure that out. now i'm on the pill and it no longer happens. then there was the issue of me not being able to come from just vag penetration and needing to stimulate my clit. my boyfriend got very insecure over this and felt like he wasn't doing it for me. it rips me apart a little because i love him so much, but i just don't seem to be able to be normal. he has only ever had one other sexual partner, and she was a sex freak who came all the time no problem. i'm beginning to feel so lost and hopeless in regards with this topic.
has anyone ever had similar experiences?  =[
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