Your black and white needs a little bit of red. (lightningxsnow) wrote in vaginapagina,
Your black and white needs a little bit of red.

Pain control for periods

I'm on my third brand of birth control (Marvelon, which I think is called Desogen in the US), and my periods still suck. I stack my pills so I only get my period every six weeks.

I start taking naproxen two days before my period starts. I take it all the way through until I'm almost done my period. I still get pain, though, so when it gets really bad, I top up the naproxen with Tylenol 1 (with caffeine and a bit of codeine). However, I saw on the Aleve website that you're apparently not supposed to double up on painkillers unless it's under doctor supervision.

My question is, is doubling up on painkillers bad? If so, how can I control my pain? Even with naproxen, it's still pretty bad. I also get really heavy bleeding, if that's at all relevant.

Thanks, all!
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