the bitch you wanna be (astrocutiepie) wrote in vaginapagina,
the bitch you wanna be

A Solution!

This post isn't necessarily to ask for help but about (possible) good news! Basically, I have been experiencing vaginal discharge  for 4 years. It has varied in consistency and no matter any test I had done, everything came back negative. Doctors basically convinced me that it was normal discharge combined with lots of cervical mucous. I would honestly have to be the most fertile woman in the world because this stuff was out of control! I wasn't convinced mainly because, sorry if I gross you out, but it smelled like yoghurt! So fast forward to now, I was just looking through some archives and something called cytolytic vaginitis popped up. It is a commonly misdiagnosed and not commonly tested for overgrowth of Lactobacilli. Omg at this point i'm doing a little dance, and apparently the treatment is just douching with baking soda and water! I have those at home! Apparently, the point is to re-alkalinize everything. I don't even care, I'm so excited right now, I can't wait to be done with this lab report and try this out LOL.

On a more serious note though, would taking a probiotic while I do this be wise. I mean if this throws the pH out of wack I don't want another kind of infection.

Anyways celebrate with me! I'm totally gonna update within a few days so you guys wish me luck!
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