nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in vaginapagina,

lamictal + hormonal bc/period = ?

Anybody here on lamotrigine (Lamictal) and find it affected by your cycle?

To complement the Adderall I take for ADHD, and in an effort to target other problems I have, my new doc has started me on lamotrigine. It's meant for epileptics and bipolar people; I am neither. He seems to be a big fan of it, and says in addition to helping me focus, it can also decrease my migraines and regulate my lifelong wacky sleep patterns and do some other ambiguous good stuff. Read up on it. It's a weird drug.

Tomorrow is my fourth appointment, and at each previous visit he's tried talking me into stacking my NuvaRing. I get the spiel that there's no medical benefit to having a period, and he says that keeping my hormones levels constant will decrease "menstrual migraines" as well as minimize the effects of menstruation on the other aforementioned problems he has prescribed it to target. Thing is, I don't get menstrual migraines. I don't even get PMS or cramps. I'm really tempted to tell him, "You know what happens to me when I'm on my period? I get hungrier and I bleed out of my vagina for a few days. That is the only difference from the rest of my cycle." The one time I did try stacking (way before I was seeing this doc), I ended up with a month-long period and I turned into a whiny PMS mess. Doc says after several months of stacking the breakthrough bleeding will clear up, but no thank you.

The thing he hasn't mentioned re: period and meds is something I read on Wikipedia. (Yeah, I know, it's Wiki...but this part has citations, dammit.) It's very medical and sciencey, but the gist of it is that the variation in hormone levels can interfere with the effectiveness of lamotrigine. Whether it's because he's unaware of this, he doesn't find it a concern, or he doesn't want to confuse me, I'm not sure. He's an okay doc, and does a good job of avoiding jargon, but as a patient I wouldn't mind if he brought up some of the more complicated stuff. I've also just recently worked up to the full dose of lamotrigine, and am about to get my first period at this dose, so those results might be interesting. So yeah, feedback from other lamotrigine patients would be helpful :)
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