. (miss_almost) wrote in vaginapagina,

external YI?

It's been several months since I last had a yeast infection. i self-treated with yogurt for a day or two and everything cleared up.

since then off and on ive had this...spot on my left labia, outside of the mucus membrane. so its regular old skin. and this patch (quarter sized) will get itchy as hell and i itch it (probably too much) and then it goes sore from the scratching, so i leave it alone for a few days and then the patch of skin will flake off. sometimes in one or two large pieces, or other times it will come off as im itching.
there is no discharge, or any kind of smell. when the skin flakes off theres new healthy skin underneath so theres NO sore, no scarring, no way to tell anything happened there.

i dont think it could be HSV as there are no open sores, this has only happened in the same spot as its never spread/multiplied.
i dont think it could be any kind of wart as the skin looks/feels totally normal between itchy phases. the skin is not raised, textured, colored. when its itchy it gets a little pink, but i dont know if thats from my touching it or from whatever it is thats irritating the area.

ive not changed soaps, detergents, diet, birth control, etc.

ive never had any experience with an external yeast infection. does what im describing sound like an external yeast infection? if not, any guesses as to whats going on?
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