nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in vaginapagina,

sterilization options...anything better?

Is there any method of permanent sterilization, other than Essure, that does not involve cutting the patient open? I've wanted Essure for about 6 years now, but it's only been around about 8 years, and a lot of bad experiences, side effects and regrets are starting to surface. It's also pretty frustrating/maddening how the medical establishment tends to respond to women (especially younger and/or childfree women) who want sterilization, and my nulliparous 24 year-old self has no patience. (haha! patience...patients! whoo.)

The concept of permanence is beyond ideal for me: if reproductive rights in the US were to become seriously eroded, at least I wouldn't have to worry about my own access to birth control; and in the unlikely event that my biological clock ever starts ticking and trying to override logic, god forbid, I won't be able to change my mind.

Right now I'm looking into yanking the NuvaRing out and shoving a Mirena up there instead. In the past I've always shied away from them, since that T-shape looks awfully pokey, but after learning that the Essure coils can be even more pokey and cause some major problems, it doesn't seem so bad. It might not work out, though, and in any case, I still won't be totally at ease until I've found something permanent.

(I have two concerns to share here today, but to keep things straightforward [I hope] each will get its own post.)
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