sothis_is_love (sothis_is_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

cervical polyp?

hi there, im currently trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage in december. my cycles went right back to 31/32 days and i get my period 15-16 days after ovulation. im currently 9 or 10 days after ovulation and have been checking my cervix (im new at this part of ttc) so im just having a touch now and then to see if i can tell differences.

Anyway, i started bleeding lightly today (i just notice it when i wipe but its not there all the time) and i got excited thinking oh maybe its implantation bleeding as ive never ever had such a short luetal phase. So i had no blood so decided to touch around my cervix to see if any blood was there and i could feel a little lump thats never been there before. from what i can tell by googling its a cervical polyp, could this cause brown/pink stringy blood or would this cause red blood as in if youve cut yourself blood? im obviously going to see a doctor but its 9.45pm here so cant see anyone till the am.

has anyone ever experienced this?
im really panicing thinking all sorts so any advice is very welcome.

ive also done pregnancy tests- all negative and had smear tests with no problems. im 24.
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