Katie (lady_lightning) wrote in vaginapagina,

Oops, lost pills and then missed pills

Hello everyone!
I'm back home for spring break and of course, lost my pills in the shuffle. I'm on Tri-Sprintec, or one of the other generics of Ortho. I had just started my last week of active pills on Monday or Tuesday but I think I had somehow doubled up one day and was a day ahead.
Anyway, I'm wondering what to do. As of today, I've missed two pills. Should I just hope for regular withdrawal bleeding? (I'm not overly terrified of pregnancy...this month has seen only protected action) or should I procure another pack and double up until I've completed the week as I would have?

Also, on a completely weird note, I have some possibly expired (only by about six months, I think) Aviane or some purple mono-phasic pills that I never started. Is there any way I could sort of take a few of those and magically not mess anything up? Maybe that's completely insane, but I figured it was worth a shot.
Thanks so much!
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