capedsock (capedsock) wrote in vaginapagina,

Worried over nothing?

I think I may have either a UTI or chlamydia, but I won't be able to see a doctor for another two weeks. (I'm currently abroad, insured here only for medical emergencies, and my period is starting tomorrow anyway.) What happened in the past month is:

- Three weeks ago: I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I later found out he'd had unprotected oral sex with one of his other partners (even though I asked him to always use condoms - one of the reasons he's no longer my boyfriend). He was 100% STD free before this, and hasn't had unprotected sex with anyone else, but he refuses to get tested now.

- About a week ago: I spent long days at the library, forgetting to go to the bathroom or drink water or even eat for hours because I'm an idiot. Around the same time, I noticed a bit of light brown discharge (smelled almost like sour milk), which disappeared  after less than 24 hours.

- Six days ago: I started feeling the constant urge to pee. Because I suspected a UTI, I started drinking a lot more, so I kept having to pee a lot more. As a result, it's hard to tell whether I'm on a "normal" schedule at all right now, but I don't feel any irritation. I do feel the need to pee right after I've been almost every time. But it could be all in my head.

- Yesterday, I noticed some odd pain just underneath my pubic bone, which went away again after a few minutes.

Am I just freaking myself out here over nothing, or should I see doctor ASAP? If it's either a UTI or chlamydia, would I be alright waiting until the first week of April to get tested? Does it sound like it could be anything else? (I'm on HBC (microgynon 30), if it's relevant at all.)
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