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Yeastie or something else

G'day VPers! :D

I'm getting pretty bloody frustrated! Cutting this as I'm rambling >>

Back story. I had an UTI, was placed on antibiotics. I then started to get a mild yeast infection and treated it with RePHresh. It mustn't have worked, so it came back. I tried the yogurt home remedy and it worked really well. Had lots of sex, it hurt. We've been running around like headless chooks as my boyfriend and I moved. Thought maybe stress, heat etc would cause issues. It's back again. Well... what I can assume now is a yeast infection.

I'm currently at my folks (I don't have internet at home yet, and it's killing me! haha) which is about an hour away from home. Mum was telling me a while ago how there is a bulk billing clinic around the corner that are really good. But I'm nervous as all hell, guess that's why I'm posting. I've never been to a doctor about anything like this, even though I know if you haven't had a yeast infection before you should. But I'm stubborn and I never did. What exactly do the doctors do? Would it be easier for me to go see a doctor at home. Will they have to send off things for test results or can be it be done there and then? I'm just getting angry at this, it's been bugging me for a while, and I've just left it. Been really busy with the move, that I finally have some free time before I start my new job next week.

Add in some symptoms, burning, soreness, discharge. I'm thinking it's either a stubborn yeast infection, or something else. Just worried and rambling.

Again, you guys rock... thanks for reading my ramble :>

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