evian_09 (evian_09) wrote in vaginapagina,

awk itch?

hey ladies!

I'm a new poster and have been watching this community for a while but never had the courage to post for some odd reason. Anyway back to the task at hand. I'm 20 and never had any major problems with my vagina until about a week ago when i decided to pick up some acidophilus pills at the local drug store just because my best friend had told me she had used them to "balance the pH in her vagina by adding good bacteria into her system" or something along those lines. Anyway ever since i took one, ive been oddly itchy down there and sore, its such a weird feeling that ive never felt. Now after work today i had to go pee and noticed an odd smell that i still cant even put my finger on, im starting to get concerned cause now the itching has been REALLY bad and uncomfortable to the point that ive scratched so vigorusly that ive started bleeding a bit and am now freaked out.

hopefully one of you ladies can help put my mind to rest by giving some suggestions as to what it may be? im not sure it falls into the category of BV but im such a noob at all of this i dont know what to think!

anyones help is much appreciated!!!!
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