aufjedenfall (aufjedenfall) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can sex delay a period?

I have a crazy question. First of all, I am—let’s see—approximately 97% certain that I’m not pregnant, since my boyfriend and I use condoms religiously. On Monday, I had the type of building/worsening cramps that always precede my period and was sure that my period would start within 24 hours based on the intensity of my pain. On Monday night, my boyfriend and I had sex and my cramps went away. My cramps haven’t returned to the same intensity yet, 36 hours later. <b>Can sex delay a menstrual period by a few days</b> (by somehow defusing cramps or releasing certain hormones or I don't even know what)?



My cycle is usually between 32 and 36 days long, so I should expect my period somewhere between Monday and Friday of this week… I’m not late yet.


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