dryicemenagerie (dryicemenagerie) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control + Sex Drive + Emotional?

I've been on the pill for the better part of 3 years now. I am in my second serious relationship since I started the bc. I have a very high sex drive and I want to have sex all the time, often times even more so than my significant other. In my first relationship whenever I brought up sex and my partner wasn't in the mood, I would get kind of upset. I am an emotional person to begin with, but I noticed that when I'm on the pill I am a lot more emotional than during the times I've been without it. When I was denied sex I would feel really hurt and sometimes cry, which is ridiculous because I still get sex on a pretty regular basis and when I'm turned down it makes me want it even more. But it would often result in me silently being in a bad mood, or we would begin to argue. It is my first month back on the pill since about May since I am in a relationship again, and I am experiencing some of the same extreme frustrations due to being denied sex.

I know that I am being crazy when I get so upset about this. I mean, it just seems so silly. My mind and my emotions are in two completely different places. So I guess I'm wondering if it's the birth control that is causing me to be so extremely emotional about this issue? Are there other forms of bc besides the pill that don't cause such an increase in emotion? Also, I've read that bc usually decreases the sex drive, but is there any possibility that it could be raising mine?

This has been an issue in more than one relationship now, so I thought I'd try to seek out some advice. Thanks.
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