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UTI, BC + Periods.

Hello VP'ers!

For the past week or so I've had symptoms of a UTI, I've had one before and drinking lots of fluids seemed to flush it out of my system. But that's not working this time, so I got something over the counter called Cystopurin, and just when I thought it was helping, the next time I went to the toilet I found blood-tinted discharge in my pants, so I thought there was blood in my urine or something and worried a little more. But a few hours later when I went again, there was A LOT of bright red blood in my pants! For a moment I freaked out, but remembered I'd missed two BC pills in a row and this must be the outcome. But I only came off my period 6 days ago and now I'm on it again? I haven't had this happen to me before, my period is like clockwork and missing pills has never affected me in any way. I've now had this bleeding for two days, it's pretty heavy and I'm getting cramps as if I would on my usual period. When I pass water it smells very strong but I wouldn't say it's a dark colour. Is any of this normal? Should I go to the doctors?

Thanks in advance :)
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