crystl_falcn (crystl_falcn) wrote in vaginapagina,

creamy white vag discharge

i'm new. and i was recommended to this site. i have a question about discharge. i recently noticed a creamy white vag discharge. it's wasn't thick or runny. and it didn't have an odor. it wasn't sticky like it usually is when i ovulate. nor am i hurting or itching like ppl have said a yeast infection would cause. my SIL says their is a possibility i could be pregnant. but me and my husband on had unprotected sex twice. both while i was on my period. although my period came late last month. we still did it unprotected. i was looking online. and ALOT of sites say an early sign of pregnancy is this kind of discharge right before your expected period. my period is supposed to come thursday.

has anyone heard of this? or experienced this?

any advice or information can really give me peace of mind. i'm freaking out bc my husband is out to sea. and we're newlyweds. even though i said i want a baby right away. this 'scare' actually freaked me the hell out. plus i've been bloated and tired alot lately. i figured it was stress from him being out to sea. but since this happened. i'm wondering if i could be pregnant
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