misssockpuppet (misssockpuppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

peace of mind---pregnant?

i hate to be the one posting the AM I PREGNANT thing, but anxiety is eating me alive and i'm unable to sleep and its 1 am.

basically, i took my first placebo saturday. i am sexually active and take levora birth control and my boyfriend is unable to cum around me, and never even comes close. when he pulls out, hes usually hard still. i consider us perfect users of the withdrawl method.

anywho, im convincing myself my tummy is getting larger and that the pound or two that ive gained is absolutely due to a baby...when i know that isnt true.
the tummy thing wont happen for a while, i know, but who knows if i got pregnant earlier. but i did have a period last month. im crazy.

anyway, basically, what are my chances?
and, since im bloated, thats probably due to my period coming, right? when do you know its a pregnant belly?

thank you, sorry for the nonsense.
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