purplebrick (purplebrick) wrote in vaginapagina,

Just a question about Plan B....I've tried googling it but I still don't feel confident in the answers I've found.

So last Thursday night, my boyfriend accidentally came inside of me. We use condoms most of the time, and sometimes use the pull out method (even though I'm not 100% with that, but, I trust his abilities.) This time we weren't using one, and for the first time we started with me on top. Maybe this was what was different and caused it, but he came after like a minute.
I freaked out. He promised he'd get me Plan B the next morning. He did, I took it.
My question is though, is how long can ejaculate stay inside of me? After the 72 hours recommended to take plan B, if there's still semen in my vagina, can I still get pregnant? I've read that sperm can live for like 5-7 days.

I'm only asking this because today I noticed some white discharge in my underwear. This does happen to me occasionally, but it was more than I've seen before.
Soo basically, could that still be ejaculate? Is that possible?
I've never had anyone come inside me before. Sorry if these are the dumbest questions evereverever but I'm leery.

Thanks in advance.


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