whatever2416 (whatever2416) wrote in vaginapagina,

vaginal skin tags? or something more serious?

okay, just some basic info.. I'm seventeen years old, and I'm sexually active. the kind of unique thing about my situation is that my boyfriend is long distance and we've only slept together once, which was my first time having sex. we did not use a condom, but he was tested for stds both before and after we slept together and the tests said he was STI-free.

maybe two months ago though, I noticed what looks like skin tags around the opening to my vagina. they don't hurt and are the same color as the skin of my labia. there are maybe five or six of them all around my opening, and the largest one is maybe the size of half of a fingernail. I've done some research and it sounds like they could be remnants of my hymen (hymenal skin tags). but I also started noticing an abnormal vaginal discharge about the time I noticed the skin tags. the discharge isn't abnormal in that it's oddly colored or itchy or has a strong smell, but just in the fact that there seems to be a lot of it. for the most part, I need to wear a panty liner every day because of it. is it possible that this discharge is related to the skin tags (if that's what they are)? or are what I think are skin tags a sign of some larger problem? or is all this just normal?

I know that the best answer to all of this is to go to the doctor, but at the moment, it's out of the question to reveal to my parents that I'm sexually active. I've been considering making an appointment at planned parenthood, but I wanted to get an opinion about my situation before I spent the time and money. 

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