lady_jade7 (lady_jade7) wrote in vaginapagina,

I am WOMAN hear me ROAR

Hi, everyone! I had sort of forgotten about VP for awhile. But then i got an e-mail because there was a response on an old post of mine that it was getting "tagged" and I guess it was bought of the mothballs via web link to help a gal on here recently dealing with similar issues - being a short, light-weight high school girl with no figure, no period, and no breasts! I am so glad that happy that someone else was able to find some help as a result of my experience. It makes me feel like a true member of the VP community! Anyways, it being almost a year since i left that post, I thought it would be nice to leave an update. I have grown two inches since my last update (when i started my monthly bleeding at the tender age of 16, and as some of you predicted, there are certainly moments when I would like to give it back! ha ha) and now stand at 5'2"  and have finaly broken 100 pounds (YAY!). And i have moved up from "barely any breasts" to "tiny breasts." But you know what? I am okay with that because i have sorta embraced the braless lifestyle and suddenly sprouting some C cups would make that a bit difficult. I still deal with a lot of teasing from haters at my high school (do you seriously think I WANT to be this skinny? Geeez, if anything I WANT to put on more weight), but MEH, what can you do right? And i have found ways to dress more maturely. Got a cute, shorter haircut. Anyways, i guess i wanted to thank you all again for being so amazing when I needed you last year. I think probably the best piece of advice I have received from one of you was to show confidence in my self and I will irresistible. You know what? That is pretty true. Keep rockin hard, fellow superstars...

EDIT: BY the way, quick question: Since starting my period last year, it's only been every other month or so... that's fairly normal right?
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