virgil winthrop sanderson. (darkest_irony) wrote in vaginapagina,
virgil winthrop sanderson.

am i crazy?

hi... ive been a lurker here for i guess a few years now. and now i have a question of my own.

some background info:
short, somewhat petite 21 year old
i have been taking ortho cyclen for the past six months
i had an abortion at 16
condoms and certain types of lube give me yeast infections
i am in a monogamous relationship, we have both been with 10 partners each, including each other

here's my problem: i noticed it started after the abortion and still happens every month like clockwork. i guess i would call it a pms symptom since thats when i feel it most... but i always think im pregnant. even during a 2 year span when i was not sexually active, every month i always thought i was pregnant.

so... any ideas why? am i crazy, do i feel guilty about the abortion, is my biological clock just ticking, or what? its driving me (and my boyfriend) up the walls... some insight would be much appreciated, thanks! :)
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