boltedshut (boltedshut) wrote in vaginapagina,

giant pimple, blister things

hi all
i've always had these giant pimple, blister things on the inside of my thighs, and just where my leg meets my vag skin.
i've talked to doctors about it and they just say they're irritation blisters and nothing to worry about. they're really unsightly though and wondered if any one here has ever had the same thing. i also have massive black head like things on the inside of my thighs. i can't resist popping them, and when i do, the stuff that comes out is almost always really hard (eew, i know)...
just curious if anyone here has had the same thing and how to make them go away. i've tried exfoliating, warm compresses, and "acne" washes and they're still there boo!
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