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A recent VP conversation got me thinking about how common it is to have one (or some or many) menstrual blood mishaps that necessitated the urgent use of a bathroom. I'd always assumed it was a common occurrence, as it's still a monthly occurrence for me. But I also know that my experience with menstrual blood is way the fuck out at the far end of the bell curve.

So, in the interests of anecdotal pseudo-science, I bring you... TICKY BOXES!

Poll #1534770 Bloodmergencies: The VP Report

When it comes to managing menstrual bleeding, how often do you have issues that require urgent attention (e.g., bathroom NOW or risk leaking)?

I've never experienced this issue.
I've experienced them but infrequently (seldom or occasionally).
I experienced them regularly when I was younger, but I experience them infrequently (or not at all) now.
I've always experienced them regularly.
I experience them more frequently now than I have in years past.
None of the above adequately describes my experience.

(Quick disclaimer: This is not an official VP poll. However, I have checked with the other maintainers to get approval before posting.)

If you have any additional information you'd like to share, you're welcome and encouraged to do so in the comments. For example, if certain factors -- starting/discontinuing hormonal contraceptives, changing menstrual products, pregnancy, perimenopause, etc. -- have affected the frequency of your bloodmergencies, that's a good thing to know.

Also, if you have any extra fun blood stories (or regular fun blood stories -- I'm easily amused today!), feel free to discuss those in the comments as well. For example, if you have ever accidentally squirted blood into your eye while inserting your menstrual cup (GUESS WHAT I DID THIS MORNING), you will have found good company here. :P
Tags: menstruation/periods, tidbits-surveys-and-other-fun-stuff
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