kathy182 (kathy182) wrote in vaginapagina,

pimples or warts

 alrighty sooo a few weeks back I posted about a cyst type thing on my perineum that I thought was maybe a cyst pimple or a hemorrhoid.  The bump is gone now, but every once in a while when I poke around down there if I touch that spot too hard it's like I feel it under the skin. It used to be about the size of a pea and a little raised and now it's less than half that size and under the skin.

Now part 2. I haven't showered in 2 days (gross wtv, I didn't have time!) and then this morning there was 1 big pimple on my labia. I did the thing I wasn't supposed to do, I popped it. I just noticed now a tiny little pimple beside it.

I'm getting really worried.  I've had pimples down there before but now there are 2 plus that weird thing near my ass and I'm freaking out! I think the pimples might be clogged pores but I've done that thing were I try to google what I have and that never ends well.

I'm working full time the next 2 weeks and going to school at night and my gyno is ALWAYS a month backed up so I don't know what to do

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