lauren (speakupxdear) wrote in vaginapagina,

recurring bleeding during sex? sti? yi? polyp? i don't know what to think!

a month ago this past sunday, I was having sex with my girlfriend and afterward I noticed there was a few bloody stains on my sheets- not straight blood, like it was mixed with whatever else usually comes out of your vagina during sex. I got kind of freaked out, but then assumed that maybe I had just broken my hymen, as she's my first sexual partner (I've never slept with a guy.) The next time we had sex, it happened again, but the ratio of blood to discharge was noticeably higher. I decided to go to my schools free all women's clinic a week later, tried to abstain in the meantime, failed, and it was a lot more blood than the last time. I went to the clinic, got a very basic pelvic exam (non pap/sti test) from the nurse practitioner there, and she told me that my inner labia right around my vagina just looked irritated and gave me some monistat. I finished the monistat and then immediately had my period, so it was another week after that when I had sex again. I was really afraid I was happening again and I felt a lot more wet than I usually do so we stopped, turned on the lights, and there was quite a bit of blood. To qualify: my girlfriend had put her hand on my arm and I had a bloody hand print on my arm, and her hands looked like how I would imagine someones hands would look after they stabbed someone. I freaked the fuck out, was immediately convinced I have a sti, and I am seeing the gyno this friday. The only reason I think I have an STI is because though I have had only one sexual partner, my girlfriend has had many, many dubious sexual encounters and is "pretty sure" her last partner was sti-free but my girlfriend hasn't been tested since, and we share the same toys, which we clean, but perhaps not thoroughly enough?

So, my fellow female-bodied folk, my question to you is: has anything remotely similar happened to you before? I'm panicking, I don't want an STI, I have no symptoms of a yeast infection and I feel like the only other possibility is some sort of polyp, but I have no idea if there are symptoms for that I should be looking out for, and in general I guess I'm just looking for ideas of what I should be expecting to hear/ to happen on friday. I'm really hoping for this to be resolved quickly, because I'm afraid it's taking a toll on my relationship- I have no issue with fingering my girlfriend while I'm of commission, but it's been a reallllly long time for me, we used to have a very active sex life and still do, I suppose, but it's killing me that I'm not getting off. I don't like clitoral orgasms with a partner, really, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain any semblance of a sex drive or feel close to my girlfriend at all, and it's been showing. I figured that we could just fool around and she could get laid until I got all this figured out, but it's just frustrating for me. My girlfriend is just as frustrated, but I feel super alienated... I guess part II of my question is if any of you have suggestions on how to combat this feeling of sexual isolation other than by having sex.

my apologies, this turned super long, I know, but I can't really talk to anyone about this, as I'm not really out to my family and if I end up having an STI, I'd rather it be confidential. thanks guys,

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