cloverley (cloverley) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nuva Ring - Excessive wetness in the morning?

i've been on the Nuva Ring form of contraception for about 8 months now, and I love it. It's the perfect contraception for me!

The only downsides (kinda) would be that it's expensive in comparison, and....

I am hugely wet EVERY morning! That's kind-of fun and all and conducive to morning sex, but my vagina is wet, wet, wet. It can be a teeny bit annoying (it goes onto the besheets!). I'm not registering a lot of sexy dreams, or being very turned on when I wake up, so i'm pretty curious. It is a thin, slippery wetness.

I wouldn't be noticably wet in mornings before wearing the ring, and i'm not very wet in the mornings around and on my period (when i'm not wearing the ring) , and there isn't much variation in the level of wetness during the different times of my cycle. Also i'm not a huge lube princess of wetness during the daytime, I just notice it in the morn. My partner like to think it's just some kind of revine revenge for his morning hard-ons!

Have any other Nuva ladies noticed this morning phenomena happening to them?

Thankyou for being a really amazing community :)

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