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I finally got my pelvic scan today after months of worrying and misdiagnosis and tests. I was initially diagnosed with PID in January and have had recurrent BV ever since then, but the scan showed no evidence of PID or fluid in my pelvis. The tech did say my ovaries looked polycystic. I've always worried about having PCOS but doctors told me I had none of the symptoms - I'm not overweight and my periods are like clockwork. They stopped while I was on Cerazette but came right back 4 weeks after I stopped taking it. I went to the doctor thinking about PCOS or hormonal issues as my acne came back (the pill had almost totally cured it) and the doctor basically brushed me off saying I wasn't that spotty or hairy and that there was absolutely no reason to think I have PCOS. In fact when she was telling me about how I should have the ultrasound scan, she said 'some women just like to be reassured they don't have cysts on their ovaries', as if that were the worst thing in the world and she was sure I wouldn't have them :(

So apparently my GP needs to run more tests to confirm which will take another week or two. Does anyone else have any experiences with this? Is PCOS related at all to pelvic pain (this is the reason I went for the scan)? Is it possible to have lots of little cysts without actually having PCOS? Does anyone have PCOS without being overweight, really spotty and hairy? Any answers appreciated!

EDIT - how significant are skin tags? I've been getting them on my chest and near my armpits for years now. I see they can be a sign of PCOS, but googling 'skin tags chest', it seems that they are very common among the general population as well.
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