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okay, my final post for yeast infection/bacterial vaginosis help pleaaaaaaase

in a calendar, here we go.

around january 20th, i started levora birth control. switched over from a generic seasonique. after i started, i got a very slight itch, just enough to move a twitch to get rid of it a few times a day.

february 6th: went to the doctor, she said it was a classic yeast infection, got monistat 7, refrained from sex because of the icky lotion and i was ALSO menstruating that week. this medicine ran out on the 12th. i was fine for a day or two, and suddenly, got hit with the itch train. it was so bad i couldn't sleep, i cried myself to sleep, actually. and was so uncomfortable. this was legitimately 100 times worse than when i went to the doctor initially.

february 16th, i saw a doctor at health services, got a prescription for diflucan. she didn't see yeast, though, but assumed it was still a yeast infection. she told me there's absolutely no problem in having sex, and i continued to do so because i still hold her word true.

around february 28th, i started feeling a little baby itch again and some white discharge...but it isn't completely out of the ordinary. i'm also sick with some type of sinus/viral infection so im not sure if that's just screwing me up. sex is not very painful, i mean, nothing more than usual. and surely after a few minutes, i feel completely alright.

what i wonder, now, is if this never was a yeastie. if it was always bv? i don't have a strong odor, nothing stronger than normal, at least.

just some assistance in my background: my boyfriend does not, and never has, ejaculated in or around me, we are both STD free, both eachothers first legitimate sexual partners, and i've been on birth control for 5-6 years. i'm also NOT open to home remedies. i don't and never have douched, not comfortable sticking anything up/around there to treat this that isnt a prescription. i'm very weary about that kind of stuff, and don't want to try to be convinced into usin' it. that's just my personal preference.

i'm currently eating 1-2 yogurt cups a day..it does have fruit, but i didnt read that it had to be plain unless you were doing the tampon trick...will this clear it up?

so, what i'm asking is...
should i go to the doctor? health services here seemed kind of like "uhhh...okkkayyy..,.im gonna get the big doctor in..." and she was great, but i don't want to go through the awkward stage. the benefit to this is i can pop in anytime, but i know they dont have the necessary tools, or doubt they do, to test for BV and stuff. my primary care at home is usually booked, and so is my gyno. id rather go to my gyno because they can test more extensively, i assume. im only home for friday, during the day, so do you think i could call and make an emergency appointment?  how can i word it to basically say "get me the f**k in here!"?
should i buy a vagisil ph screening test? this would be my resort if i can't get a doctors appointment. has anyone else used one of these before?
any other at home screening kits? things that DEFINITELY signal one or the other? anything? 

i'm really sincerely sorry for my obsessive posting. if you can't tell, i have an anxiety disorder, and this has been keeping me up all night, every night. i just want to feel better! thank you for all of your kind advice, and know that its been helping me so much.
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