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Unidentified bump on labia minora.

Hey Superstars! Just wondering if you lovely people could give me a little bit of insight/advice.

So, a little bit of backstory on me, I'm 23, generally pretty healthy, currently getting over a cold that my boyfriend gave me last week. My throat is still sore and I'm still a little congested.

Last night when I went to bed I was poking around down there as I usually do before I fall asleep and I found a bump on my left labia minora. It didn't hurt or cause me much concern, so I promised myself to check it out in the morning.

So I checked it out today, and it already seems a little smaller then it was last night, but I figured I'd come here and ask some advice anyway.
It's small, pea sized, firm but not hard. It doesn't seem to be fluid filled. It's the same color as the rest of my labia, and the labia itself seems just a tad swollen. Still doesn't hurt unless I poke or squeeze (which I only did to see if anything was going to come out!). It's on the outside of the labia, I checked to see if it went all the way through and the inside of the labia doesn't have a corresponding bump. It's not super close to my vagina.

I've never been STI-tested, which is bad, I know, but I've never had insurance and was in a bit of a... hairy situation until just recently that prevented me from getting myself to a PP or the like. I've had unprotected sex twice, both times with the same guy, and he was recently STI-tested and the results were negative for any diseases. I'm currently monogamous with my boyfriend and he's STI-free as well.

Anyway, just wondering what you all thought I should do about this situation, if it sounds like a cause for concern, should I get it checked out by a doctor or play the wait-and-see game for a bit.

Thanks in advance everyone! Y'all are so great. :)
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