2:21 pm - 10/12/2003

Genital Art Gallery from Betty Dodson, Sex Goddess and Masturbation Advocate!

Hey y'all,

I was just looking back on some old entries in my archiving adventure and I notice a theme that's pretty constant around here - it's the "does my vulva look normal?" thing. I've been looking around for some resources (in addition to the fantastic book, Femalia) that might have photographs or art or info to help folks feel more at ease and accepting toward their vulvas and I came (pun intended) across this site. In particular, you should look at the link called Celebrating Your Cunt because it seems to be very much in the spirit of VP and the kinds of things we like to do around here.

Have fun exploring! I'd love to hear your reactions ...
papasfritas This isn't necessarily a reply to your post per se...12th-Oct-2003 07:53 pm (UTC)
But there's an e-zine called Soapboxgirls.com (maybe you've already heard of it?) and each issue is about a different, specific topic (i.e. sexual identity, health, race/racism, etc.). The archives have some pretty good articles, though they're still pretty small it seems.

It's kind of related to VagPag, but more of just a body-positive site.

I hope this isn't 'old news' for you (and the other VPers)!
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