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herpes help!

this all started back in january. i was diagnosed with genital herpes in mid january. my initial outbreak was horrible and my sores were lingering around the entire time of about jan 12-31. the sores went away and so did the painful urination; everything was clear and nothing hurt as of around feb 4th. everything was fine and dandy, but my boyfriend and i were still waiting to have sex. a couple days after that, i noticed these little bumps in the same spot where the sores were. they are still there as of may 1st. they have not gone away, changed, nothing! they're not fluid filled and they don't itch, they really just are there. now everything i've seen is that you know when sores show up, and you are completely aware of them through the entire process of them popping, scabbing over, and going away. i took valtrex through my first outbreak and am now taking it as an suppressive therapy. i am wondering if anyone has any kind of experience with this. my poor boyfriend and i are both dying and we have no idea what to do about these. we're still having some fun private time, but i miss being with him like that.
again, these bumps are just there. they don't hurt. they aren't red, fluid filled. they are about as close to being flesh colored without actually being flesh colored.
i keep meaning to call the doctor to just ask about these, but i'm at school and work during their hours. if anyone thinks this sounds familiar or i should or shouldn't have to worry, any help would be greatly appreciated. i'm also hpv positive (i know these aren't warts) so if that means anything at all, please help a sista out.
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