supersockpower (supersockpower) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cycle Confusion and Pregnancy Risk

Both amipregnant and am_i_pregnant tend to be slow and many posts get few or no comments, so although I have a post waiting in the queue for amipregnant (hasn't been approved now about 12 hours after submitting), I am going to post here as well.

I have a cycle of between 23 days and 28 days. It varies from month to month, but most of the time it is 26 days. I am not on the birth control pill. My last period started on 18 or 19 February. I had spotting on 18 February and regular bleeding on 19 February, so I don't know which day counts as day 1. I had unprotected sex on 23 February and 26 February. The man I had sex with ejaculated inside of me on both days.

Am I likely to become pregnant? With the variable cycle and the uncertainty of which day counts as day 1, I am not sure if both instances of sex happened on safe days. How soon will I be able to get a reliable result from a home pregnancy test?

Thank you.
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