shainamaydel (shainamaydel) wrote in vaginapagina,

sexual positions and ouchiness...

Hi y'all, I haven't posted here in a loooooong time cuz my vajayjay has been doin' pretty well. It's still good and all, I just have a question that I can't think who else could answer!

So, my bf and i have sex. good. yay. we tend to stick to missionary, because it works damn fine for both of us. however, every once in a while we get the idea to try and change it up. me on top works pretty well, so we were doing that this morning, and he asked me to try reverse cowgirl. okay, worth a shot. but...OW. OW OW OW. sharp almost crampy pain! it *hurt*. Last time i tried doggy style it hurt way too much as well, which sucks cuz the idea of it works for me, just the execution doesn't.

do you lovely ladies think this is because of my cervix position, or what? is it odd? I use a divacup and have never had problems with my cervix being in a bad place, but is there any other reason any rear-entry type positions are horrid for me? i wish one of you could be like, that's simple, here's a solution! because i really want to be able to do these i won't hold my breath.

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