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Post Partum Tampon Use

Ok, just got back from childbirth preperation class. Felt like it answered a good abmount of questions, yay. :-)
BUT. ZOMG. The post labor pad? YIKES! Seriously, I thought it was to be placed UNDER you, not in your panties! It doesn't look like it even would fit!
As I'm being disturbed by this pad (seriously, wouldn't it be easier to just wear Depends?), the woman then said that we should all stock up on pads, as we wouldn't be allowed to wear tampons for the whole duration of lochia.
Uhm, wait, what?
I've read in a few other places that tampons are fine, as long as you're comfortable enough to use them!
When I asked for a reason, there was some vague answer as to swelling, discomfort, slippage, and TSS. The only real reason to ban them, then, seems to be the TSS, and I've always been under the impression that TSS occurs from using tampons too heavy for your flow. Seeing as how lochia is a ZOMG tsunami of blood, I really have a hard time seeing as how that would be possible.
Has anyone else ever heard of this ban on the post partum use of tampons?
I really dislike pads, and would MUCH rather use tampons if I can. The reasons given for not using them seemed like things one should consider, not reasons to outright ban them. :-/
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