Purple Solle (purple_solle) wrote in vaginapagina,
Purple Solle

Worried about endometriosis

Hi everyone,

My girlfriend has endometriosis, and looking up the symptoms online I noticed a few things that sound very familiar to me. I'm wondering if I may have it too. I hear it's a relatively common disease, and some of the more noticable symptoms may explain things that have been bothering me for years. Including:

- Abnormal amount of pain during my period in my vagina, belly, back and feet (unable to stand up or even think normally) that started monthly two years before I even started menstruating
- Vomiting, headache and diarrhea during the first days of my period
- Sharp pain during ovulation
- Random pain at completely random times in my vagina, butt and abdomen, and a bit to the side (where I assume my ovaries are)
- Pain during sex (has gotten much better over time, but having sex entirely without some pain or discomfort is a rare thing for me)

I've never noticed anything severe enough to see a doctor about it, because I just assumed I had a really sensitive vagina and womb. The pain and nauseau have decreased considerably since I started on HBC, too. I guess at my age (23) I would have noticed something more than just "pain" if I had endometriosis - my girlfriend is 20 and has had three cysts. But I'm still a bit worried about it.

I'm going back to my own country next month, and since I was planning on getting a fertility test once I'm back home I'm considering asking my doctor about endometriosis as well. Does anyone here have experience getting tested for this? Do my "symptoms" sound like a cause for concern? Is there anything else this could be?

Thanks in advance!
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