scarlacraft (scarlacraft) wrote in vaginapagina,

surprise bleeding

I missed my pill on wednesday and then all of a sudden my body decided to do a period on me. At first I assumed it was spotting but then woke up with a mess to sort out. Not fun.

My last 'period' was brief and ended a couple of days before i started a fresh pack of pills, I was a bit confused but pretty grateful.

Now this surprise bleeding started off as old blood and has progressed to fairly newish blood, runnier and less brown - more like dark red. congealed if you will.

I am experiencing aches similar to when i was having natural periods, but I can't tell if it is womb aches or colon aches (I have been pooing a lot the past day or so)


Also, I have never had significant spotting from missing a pill/being late with a pill before, which is why i am worried.

Couple this with having a cold and cough and being stressed with college work - I feel awful.

Any ideas what my body thinks it is doing?
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