Jack's Smirking Revenge (thebrokenprince) wrote in vaginapagina,
Jack's Smirking Revenge

use sextoy -> want to rip vagina out.

I have a sex toy I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to. When I use it either vaginally or orally, I have pain, sometimes very intense (I'd say from 1-10 it ranges from a 4 to an 8 so at peak it hurts a FUCKTON), that's best described as a cold burning, sometimes tingling, and it's soothed briefly when I pee. This pain will be in any area that comes into contact with the toy, usually not including thicker skin (like my hands) but sometimes I feel it low-grade in those areas. I'm sure it's not too big.

So question A which is just to confirm my suspicion: that sounds like an allergy, right?

The toy is made of some kind of blue jelly material. It's flexible and soft, but not very. I can squeeze and there's some give but when held vertical it doesn't flop over or anything. It's manufactured by Don Johnson and came packaged with a harness and is vac-u-loc, if that helps.

Question B: what's your guess on the material, so I can avoid it in the future?

also this is my first post hi >>
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