a_tiny_goat (a_tiny_goat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Question for stackers of birth control pills.

While I don't stack my pills every cycle, I do indulge every couple of cycles. I am on a monophasic pill and have experienced no side effects from stacking.

That is, of course, unless you count being denied a refill because it is "too soon" per your insurance providers. I explained to them that I stack them.. so in effect, I am taking 30-31 pills a month when they only have me taking 21 a month. If I do this more than 1-2x a year, it throws things off enough that they start denying refills for when I need them.

For any of you who stack, how do you get around this?

I love my birth control and don't want to change it to a brand that is marketed for stacking just so my insurance will cover it.

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