kara jean (frankie4) wrote in vaginapagina,
kara jean

MJ for cramps??

 I feel like I have posted on here a lot lately but I think vaginapagina is amazing.  I have learned so much stuff and like that real people are answering questions instead of dreaded google.  Thank you all for all answers to my questions so far (and my future ones) and for the answers to other members questions that have taught me something!  

After a 109 day cycle I am finally having a period; I stopped taking the pill and switched to paragard.  I started having cramps about a week before my period finally started and I can not even begin to describe the pain.  They are not there all the time but when the cramps come I double over/grab onto something and almost scream; my boyfriend keeps telling me to go to the doctors but I know on paragard periods can be terrible for a while.  I am, in my opinion, immune to pain relievers (anything from motrin to tylenol with codeine).  I was just looking up cures for cramps and I came across smoking marijuana for them.  I have not smoked in a few years since high school but I was wondering if anyone else smokes to relieve their cramps.  Do you think, if it does work, that it actually relieves and helps the pain or if you just feel better because you've smoked?  Any help on this would be great because I want to try anything that will help with these cramps I am having. Thanks 
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