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Advice, please do not judge me


In a week or so I should know if I am pregnant. I have decided if indeed I am I will terminate the pregnancy, I feel absoultey horrible saying that, :( Anyway, I found a place that does an early non-surgical method called, "Aspiration" It takes about 5 mintues and your awake during the entire procedure. It's nothing like a surgical abortion, because they don't scrap. From what I understand its similar to a pap smear except they numb the cervix, open the cervix a bit, and use a small plastic tool to do something to the lining of the walls which immedinatly ends the pregnancy. As far as pain it said its typically a couple minutes of pressure and cramping. You then get a second ultrasound and they tell you right there and then if it worked. And after 24 hours, unlike a medical abortion with scrapping, you can use tampons, swim etc... ALSO, its extremely safe and simple and done in an office thats "private" and not an aportion clinic. They only do this method and the medical pill. They leave no address on their website either to avoid protesting and such. Although very expenive compared to surgical, at least around here, its seems best for me considering its very simple and private.

This makes me feel so much better as my first termination was a surgical one and it was not a thrilling experience and the recovery process, bleeding was a decent amount of time.

Has anyone done this or know more about it? please your advice will ease my mind. This method makes me feel a little less scared abouts seeing a positive test
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