: ) (call_me_lovey) wrote in vaginapagina,
: )

clots, hairiness, light periods & RAGE !!


My periods are so light I can't tell I'm on. I only know I'm on when I see the odd clot & it feels like I've got diorrea/about to have an accident all the time (never actually get it/have one) It’s usually just one clot every few weeks, sometimes every few days. I’m also hairy – I have to use Veet for legs on my face, the hair growth’s that strong I feel like a Yeti.

I get very teary & shout a lot, making my poor dog run away all flat. My stomach churns too.
I’m disabled & I’m not planning on kids because I don't think it'd be fair -- even with help, the most I could do for one would be recommend some good music (I’m in a wheelchair & can’t move very much)
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